When updating your Android Studio to the newest Electric Eel version, the location of the embedded JDK is changed. In particular, it changes from:




This might cause some problems with building your projects right after the update.


First, make sure the JDK is correctly specified for your project. Go to Preferences -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Build Tools -> Gradle and set the Gradle JDK to the correct one (if it didn’t happen automatically):

Specifying JDK location in Preferences

Specifying JDK location in Preferences

Additionally, if your JAVA_HOME environment variable still points to the old location (as it was in my case), you will also have to update it.

You can verify it by running echo $JAVA_HOME in your terminal. If it points to a completely different location, that’s fine, you don’t have to change that. It means you are using different JDKs in Android Studio and your terminal. However, I recommend using the same JDK everywhere to avoid problems with cache or running multiple Gradle daemons.

To update it, go to your ~/.zshrc or ~/.bashrc (or any other place where you define your variables) and make sure you have this line there:

export JAVA_HOME="/Applications/Android"


I hope this post helped you solve your problem. I wish the JDK location change had been signaled more clearly after the update so that we wouldn’t have to spend time investigating all the issues ourselves.